Mari Dew Yoga

yoga. mantra. love. peace. light. THE shamanic life.

~may the long time Sun shine upon you~

~may the long time Sun shine upon you~

MARI DEW YOGA is about the Soul Journey...the path that we choose when we stop listening to our minds and tune in to the intuition of our hearts... and the magical transformation that happens when we tap into our inner peace, the deep love and compassion that is our true nature, and radiate it out as our light.  We become magnetic, authentic, radiant and light.  We learn to trust the Unknown and go with the divine flow of the Universe.  We find freedom and expansion and oneness with spirit.

MARI DEW YOGA is a path of presence, harnessing our full attention within this moment and directing it to the manifestation of our infinite potential and to the co-creation of our highest destiny.  Through kundalini yoga, meditation, mantra, interaction with nature, self-exploration, self-love and self-forgiveness, we work primarily in circles to heal and nurture ourselves at a soul level, thereby clearing our path for the miracle of this life journey to blossom.  The mind is clear and the heart is open.

Remember.  Believe.  You are Infinite.

Sat Nam.