About Mari Dew

After 30 successful but chaotic years in the Music Industry, Mari Dew has recently transitioned into a peaceful new career as a Yoga Teacher and Spirit Guide, and her life has been completely transformed in the process. Once the Soul Journey begins, the heart leads the way and the path unfolds. There’s no going back…and anything is possible!

Since moving to Nashville on New Years Day 2013 to begin this transformation, Mari has completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teaching certification from YogaWorks; a 220-hour Level One Aquarian Teacher certification plus the Vitality and Stress module of her Level Two Aquarian Teacher training from KRI (Kundalini Research Institute); as well a Shakti Naam Yoga teaching certification from the Naam Yoga Center in LA.  Mari’s true passion has always been Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, which she has been practicing for almost 20 years, and in keeping with her musical background, she is particularly drawn to working with Mantra and the Sound Current, which are key components of her classes and circles.

Alongside her yoga trainings, Mari has also been studying healing modalities, Nature and modern shamanism, the chakra system, and working with emotions, energy, and self-observation in order to create a heart-centered life.  She is currently enrolled in the One-Year Program for Shamanic Studies with The Power Path in Santa Fe, NM, which she will complete in the Fall of 2018.  Mari feels a deep connection with each of these elements and hopes that the composite of the knowledge and teachings that she is receiving on her Soul Journey can be shared and inspire others to discover and refine their own paths.  

Kundalini Rising Yoga in Nashville is her home studio, but Mari’s gypsy soul persists, and she is now a traveling teacher.  Mari has been living on the road since the launch of her first Mari Dew Yoga Tour in April 2017, teaching and leading circles which include Kundalini Yoga, mantra, meditation, breathwork, and elements of shamanism, the chakra system and the cycles of the moon.  Mari also consults with businesses and private clients as a “Spirit Guide,” offering her intuitive insights and practices to help them simplify and cultivate peace, harmony and balance in their lives and organizations.  She and her two dogs, Bear and Chloe – “The Zen Dogs” – travel the country in their Toyota 4Runner “Shanti,” sharing love, light and yoga with all who cross their path.  They are always open to new ideas and opportunities!

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