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The Power of Circles

Circles have been around since the dawn of modern humanity...for tens of thousands of years...even more.  A vital part of virtually every known indigenous culture, Circles have been used for healing, building community, moderating disputes, and facilitating communication within a community or even between communities.  Circles unite all who are present and "level the playing field," in that everyone in the circle is equal and everyone has a voice.  It is said that in Circle, "there is a leader in every seat."

Circles provide a safe space in which it's ok to be vulnerable and to release any facades.  Circles nurture and protect the expression of one's true self.  All participants are assured that happens in Circle stays in the Circle.

As we release our worries, anxieties, self-doubt and fears to the Circle, the collective energy of the group transmutes them into healing light.  We create a powerful transformative energy in the center of the Circle.  We work within ourselves to effect change in the world around us, starting with the energy of this group...and together, we create a ripple in the collective consciousness that impacts the greater whole.

The modern application of the Circle Process brings the good news that none of us has to navigate these rapidly changing times alone.  In Circle, we come together as a community.  As we face challenges; we lift each other up to a higher vibration.  In turn, this elevation allows us to rise above whatever comes into our path, overcoming any obstacles that would stand in our way!

We unite to share and support each other throughout this process of Transformation.  We are ONE.  And we find Peace amidst the chaos...

Healing Mantra Circles

At the heart of all forms of Manifestation lies the creative force of the Naad, the sacred sound current.  Evan the very world we know was spoken into existence with the words "Let there be Light," as the vibration of these four simple words activated the pure power of creation.  Such is the healing and transformational magic of Mantra.

The term "Mantra" is a combination of the root words Man ("mind") and Tra ("to free from").  At their essence, these healing sounds, syllables or phrases are tools used by the mind to free the mind from itself.  Through repetition and the vibration of the tongue on the palette, Mantra can help us to achieve the goal of yoga as expressed in the 2nd Yoga Sutra: the cessation of the chatter of of the Mind.  Herein lies the calm, peace and clarity we seek.

Healing Mantra Circles allow us to come together and chant from the heart, sending our intentions out to the Universe on the healing vibration of the Naad.  We work with a combination of Gurmukhi and Sanskrit Mantras, along with some Movement, Meditations and Teachings that are designed to ground us to Mother Earth, to bring our chakras into balance and alignment, and to help us reconnect with Nature and our heart center.  Clearing is Healing...and Mantra clears the path to our highest destiny.

Open Heart Circles

Amidst the chaos of today's fast-paced outer world lies an opportunity to open our hearts to a calm inner sanctuary...a place of peace that exists within every one of us, where we can find all the answers we seek...if only we remember where to look.  By quieting and clearing the mind and dropping our consciousness down into our true center, our heart, we can go beyond the limitations of the finite self and access the vast open space of our infinity.  In doing so, we learn to ride the waves - the ups and downs of life - with childlike awe and gratitude for the lessons that reside within our every challenge.

Open Heart Circles are an opportunity to take a deep dive into ourselves and our true nature while supported by the container of a community of like-minded souls and seekers.  We are nurtured by the collective energy of the circle, which is far greater than the sum of its individual parts.  We are guided to tap into our highest selves by opening our hearts fully and completely to a state of fearless vulnerability that transmutes our individual insecurities into the pure strength of oneness.

Healing Moon Circles

A New Moon is a powerful time in which to call in the NEW.  A time to open our hearts to the pivotal changes that are at hand and realize the new opportunities that are manifesting before us as our path unfolds.  It is time for us to focus and get ready – physically, mentally, and emotionally – for what is coming next and to align ourselves with the Field of Infinite Potential!

A Full Moon is a powerful time in which to CLEAR out any psychic clutter that we are holding in our minds and cleanse ourselves of anything that is holding us back.  To let go of the past and of that which no longer serves us.  And to send it out to the Universe to purify and send back to us as healing light.

In Healing Moon Circles, we set intentions on the New Moon and open space for these new intentions to manifest, and on the Full Moon, we release what we don’t need, letting go of what weighs us down, so that we can fly.  We surrender to the Divine Will of the Universe, guided by the nurturing feminine energies of the Moon.  Tuning in to this ongoing Lunar Cycle is magical, and it can completely transform our reality.


*Circles can also be custom-tailored to your needs.  Whatever your occasion, if you are feeling that you want to incorporate the healing power of a Circle, please click "Contact" and drop me a line to discuss!